I am sorry Boo that I have to leave you

 I never imagined this fate would come true

 From the very first day you came into my life

 I knew you were special, that you would be my guide

My soul was so lonely, the pain leaking out

 I was running and hiding, with no voice to shout

 Desperate to feel worthy of some peace & love

 Searching and seeking I screamed prayers to above

 Pleading to the angels “Please help me cope with life”

 Wondering how much longer I’d stay strong for the fight.

It was at this time

 That your fluffy love came my way

 The start of November

 On a cold damp wet Monday

 While I was seeking

 You were lost and

I took you from the pound

 Once I had paid the small cost

 A big black ball of fluff you sat on my lap

 I drove off down the road smiling like a Cheshire cat