Lifting the Shame

Lifting the Shame is a concept that I created to help myself while in early recovery. Around the late 00’s I was in my late twenties and really affected by mental health challenges. At that time I realised that a big stumbling block to my accessing the right help was internalised shame. This led me to self examine just what was holding me back and also further prevent myself from allowing shame to trip me up in my recovery.




In my case what I had learned was that all the shame and external judgements around mental illness that I had absorbed growing up had become internalised. I now carried the shame of many other people and their views. Biased statements had become part of my belief system and were limiting me. This is how I found myself becoming stuck and ashamed in recovery.

It  is here at this point I realised I had to Lift the Shame if I was to be free to heal away from the confines of these old self imposed parameters.