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The Process of Making Changes

An important part of recovery is the process of making changes. This can be broken down into 5 major stages. AWARENESS is a crucial stage as it the first part of the process. From this new place of knowing we can begin to identify what changes are needed. DETERMINATION is the energy that fuels the change. In… Continue reading The Process of Making Changes

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Don’t Look Back You’re Not Going That Way

It’s the constant looking back That knocks her off track The obsessive replaying That’s always delaying   It’s the constant thinking That has her sinking Under a sea of the past Those echoes still last   “ He says don’t look back You’re not going that way Keep your feet on the ground And your… Continue reading Don’t Look Back You’re Not Going That Way

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Pure Kind Of Love (Original Music)

Here is an original song I wrote in Dec 2014. St. Patricks Mental Health Hospital in Dublin Ireland recorded the song for a charity album called, It Made You. This was a compilation album with service users showcasing recovery and the arts. ” Pure Kind of Love” is a song about accessing that place inside… Continue reading Pure Kind Of Love (Original Music)