The Process of Making Change


An important part of life is the natural process of making changes. Below this is broken down into 5 stages.

  1. AWARENESS is a crucial stage and it the first part of the journey. From this new place of knowing we want change we can begin to identify what we would like different and what is needed to bring this about.
  2. DETERMINATION is the energy that fuels the change. In the overall process it is the driving force that now pushes us to start making obvious shifts and start moving posts.
  3. ACTION is when we are fully implementing the plans we made. We are now in the flow of the change and starting to live life out in a new way. We feel a new confidence in our changes.
  4. MAINTENANCE can be described as the part of the process where we are successfully living out our new choices for a sustained period of time. It is now our normal.
  5. RELAPSE is a period that may or may not occur. Sometimes this part of the process is necessary to learn from another part of the change cycle that has not worked out so well. Either way if RELAPSE is a part of your change process then try to use is to build AWARENESS as opposed to self-criticism.



Some helpful questions to help you with change?

  • What important change are you currently working on?

  • What stage in the process are you at?

  • Who can assist you to move forward in the process?




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