The Courage To Write

71f37da2ba6a5adc6727addf96b2a90fThe courage to write is the often the main stumbling block when it comes to putting pen to paper. Often I find myself not bothering to write anything at all because I have given my power over to that internal critic. The one that says what is the point. So many inner judgements have become internalised preventing me from being fully free in my creative expression.



For me that is what this blog is about. About challenging those self limiting voices that try to restrict me from asserting my opinions, desires and general communications with my inner and worlds. Far too often I find myself letting go of creative impulses only to later regret doing so. Writing in my journal at least keeps me grounded to this creative flow running through my life. Writing here is what brings my attention to the many opportunities and ways to express myself in my daily life in a more creative way.


Staying connected to myself however remains my challenge. Not losing sight of my true voice and my true self is intrinsic to my being able to create. Getting caught up with life and losing myself in the process is definitely something that has cost me ground in the past, and caused me pain. That path was not conducive to empowering me around creative endeavours. While this struggle may be reflective of how loving a caring I can be of others for me it is also a sign of how I remain of kilter with self-love.


So where now for me? Do I just write a post or do I actually take action! Intuitively I have the wisdom to know that to show myself the love I need I will do so by taking little steps each day. By investing in myself I will believe in the love I show me. All the while by expressing my creativity I will be performing another act of self-love. Self expression being a very high act of kindness to the self. From all these angles I can better move forward in life to reposition myself on a path where I do not always put other first and myself last. The healing is there for me to take.




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