Graduation Day

Four months and one hundred academic days ago I started a course. The Certificate in Psychotherapy & Counselling! A course that had held my interest for a while as I had been toying with the idea of pursing a career as a therapist. Signing up for what is known as the fast track spring cert I saw this a course as a simple pre requisete to the degree. I assumed the experience to be a lots more theoretical than it was. What I was not prepared for was how much the whole process exceeded my expectations. How in four short months such new growth could occur surprised me.


To finish any course for me is always an achievement and I feel a sense of gratitude too for being able to show up for myself in that way. There was many a year when I could not take that time or be present in this way so I am happy to honour that also.

The highlights of some of the many positives that I will take aways from the course are…

  1. My renewed love for writing not just in a journal but in general
  2. Creative expression
  3. Curiosity
  4. Personal development is ongoing





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