Facebook Free Didn’t Last Long!

My last post on this blog detailed my plan to leave Facebook for once & for all. Quite an absolute statement! This act of quitting was not just something I wrote about doing I did actually deactivate my account for over a week. I know a whole week!

However, after a week I found myself feeling pretty isolated socially and missing all the little pictures of my friends profile shots. At the time the decision to cut Facebook out of my life was based on a highly emotionally charged reaction to a break up. Since I used this social media platform the most to engage with my ex boyfriend I just needed a break.


As I said after a week I was feeling the withdrawal & I realised that I was using a blanket approach to try and deal with not wanting to see my Ex online. After some more thought I decided to reactivate my account and simply tidy up all the settings on the account that would mean I would not see my Ex in my news feeds etc. for now and I made my profile a lot more private.

Overall coming off Facebook for the 10 days recently has shown me how big a part of my life. It has become such a habit really. As to how much of it is actually worthwhile I really cant say. I see both pro’s & cons and like so much in life it’s merits appear to be in the balance.


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