Adios Facebook


A the start of this week I found myself logging into my Facebook account just like millions of other people. Except this Monday something was different. I was afraid of what my news feed might throw up at me. The previous day my boyfriend & I of almost two years had split. We shared over 60 mutual friends & I did not want to see him. I thought about unfollowing him, then un-friending him but that still would not solve my problem of him popping up in mutual friends feeds, memories and all of the pictures that were just sitting there.

Then I got to thinking. What in the world did I really even need this sill social media tool for anyway. No real true connections happen here for me. The messenger has kilt the art of conversation & I decided that anyone in my life who truly mattered had my phone number anyway. So apart from spending many an hour a week just scrolling down my news feed reading & liking stuff I figured I was not going to miss much any way.

Well, almost a week in and I am glad to say that even though I have found the withdrawal tough enough over all I have started to feel the benefit of removing myself from Facebook. It is very early days and I have logged on a few times to see if I am missing anything but of course I am not. Carving out of a new way of being in the world will take time over the next few months as I let go of Facebook and I embrace a life where I am free of silly Likes, Hearts, & emotiocons!



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