Facebook Hacking Leads to Facebook Cleanse!

So yesterday morning I awoke to many messages on my Facebook messenger and on my timeline alerting my that my account had been hacked. It was kind of weird that someone had gotten into my account and posted a pornographic video to my page along with tagging many friends into the mix. Some people were very upset that they were dragged into the whole mess and failed to see that it was out of my control.

Anyway the long and the short of it all is I decided to deactivate my account as a temporary solution. Once I had changed my password there was nothing else to do but just log off and wait for the virus to die down. The good thing to come from all this however was that it has made me look at my relationship with Facebook and how often maybe I used to scroll through a news feed etc. or communicate with people through it.

Thus the current Facebook cleanse and a chance to evaluate where & what kind of role I want this social media giant to play in my life.



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