Anxiety Rant

Fuck Anxiety. To be honest I am shit sick of this demon that sporadically rears its head. Thankfully, this time, and over the last few years I am slowly finding ways to manage this condition.

When this familiar pattern now makes an appearance I view this as a chance for more healing. I see the emergence of anxious thoughts and feelings as a reminder for me to up the self-care.  This is the best way to deal with the uncomfortable thoughts & emotions that surface at these times.

I often think of an anxiety spell as being comparative to a bad rain storm. You can either batten the hatches and ride it out by staying safe and taking care inside. Alternately you can head of out into the wind and the rain screaming…why, why rain are you falling and why oh why wind are you howling. Let me be! Now we know that would be futile. So instead I choose peace. I choose to ride out the storm in the safe place. To make the most of my winter.



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