Stream of Consciousness (Nov 2015)

F*** anxiety. To be honest. I am s*** sick of this demon that always rears its head. This time  I actually find that I am getting to know my Beast. Getting to know the nature of the very demon that wants to bring me down!  These days when it tries to rear its head I find that I now view this as a chance for healing. A chance to release more old wounds and heal what ails my soul.

What comes to the surface may be uncomfortable lots of emotions and feelings,  but as the old saying goes better out than in!  As I write it is winter. I look out the window and I see the dead leaves on the ground, the bare trees naked, frozen. Are they anxious or do they accept the Circle of Life?  Winter oh winter what of you?  What about you actually torments me, how can I view this decent into darkness in another light?


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