Debut EP, recordings begin!

So I finally got into the studio last week to lay down 4 out of the 5 tracks for my Debut EP…

Recording did not come easily to me and with this being my first solo studio project I was glad I went to a studio I knew with a familiar face.

Hanging out with Brian Casey in the peaceful settings of Wavefield Recording Studios made the experience a lot more enjoyable for sure. Check out the link below for details of the studio situated on the Sheep’s Head, near Bantry.

Wavefield Recordings

I’m only at the start of the wonderfully daunting recording process for now but I do plan to have the EP ready for a live launch just after the summer.

As the saying goes I will keep you posted!

In the meantime here is one of the tracks that I will be officially releasing on the EP.

This video was recorded by Ger O’Sullivan and can be found on his YouTube channel called…

Sing A Song For Me At My Gaff





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