The Benefit of Sunshine in the Winter


Assist your body in the production of Vitamin D.

Though winter months are cold and wet it is important to make the most of the winter sun. 20 mins of daily exposure from even the most watery of rays will go a long way to maintaining good health & necessary levels of Vitamin D.

I was advised recently by a health professional to spend at least 20 minutes a day in direct sunlight. Living in a country such as Ireland, where it rains almost all year, I must admit I raised my eyebrows & thought the task impossible. When I asked the doctor to elaborate, I was surprised to find that she was confident that if I kept an open mind, I would be provided more with more than enough opportunities to let the light in! (Pun intended).

The Benefits of 20 Minutes of Daily Sunlight

It can be tempting in colder months to stay cosy & warm inside and avoid the chill factor. However many leading health experts will say to wrap up with an extra layer and soak up what bit of light is available. Maybe the following list of advantages will inspire you to hit the local beach or park for a walk and on those not so energetic days, your front garden.

Benefits of a Vit D boost

1. Balances Hormone as the appropriate levels of vitamin D are stored.

2.  Regulates our natural body clock by sending light to the pineal gland.

3. Sunlight and fresh air strengthen the body’s immune system.

4. If cloud is present the rays light can still permeate the cloud.

5. Getting outdoors or sitting in a sunny spot in the window can be a great way to boost your mood and in turn elevating dopamine levels in the body.

6. This daily exposure can also play a part in reducing your risk of cancer.

7. Light therapy each day will also contribute to the prevention of osteoporosis.

Ways to Improve your Daily Light and Sun Exposure

1. Wrap up and sit in a sunny spot for your coffee breaks at work.

2. Pencil in a weekend walk or a bike ride.

3. Feed the birds/ducks in a local park.

4. Get off the bus early and walk the last few stops

5. Find the brightest spot in your house and put a chair inside the window.

6. Join a local hill-waking club.


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