10 reasons why not having a car is great for your health!

To drive or not to drive, that is the question!

I recently sold my car so that I could free up some money. After a long period of illness and no work I decided that I was no longer in a position to fund the fuel guzzling jeep that I drove.

Thankfully I live in a suburban area that is serviced by public transport obviously making the decision a possibility. I made out a list of advantages to having no car and I was very surprised by what I came up with. I wanted to share my list in an article in the hope of inspiring others to consider their views on this decision.

Could you ditch your car?

10 reasons to sell your car, van or truck!

  1. Money, If you own your vehicle outright then you will have instant cash from the sale.
  2. No fuel bill, this alone could save you over €3,000 a year! Not to mind think of how helpful this will be in lowering your carbon footprint. Good for your pocket and mother nature.
  3. Insurance costs along with taxing and registration will again save you in excess of €1,000, add that to the sale price of the vehicle and you have a nice little nest egg.
  4. No responsibility or worry on the road. As the bus or train driver does the driving you can sit back and relax using the time for rest maybe.
  5. Safety, public transport is a lot safer than driving on the road or motorways at high speed. Most accidents on the road do not occur on the small roads but the fast, dangerous roads where frantic drivers rush about stressed and tired.
  6. Downtime, since you won’t be driving on the bus or train you can listen to music or read that book that would take you a year to read before, yippee!
  7. No traffic jams and honking horns. Now removing this noise alone could add years to your life!
  8. Exercise. If you are struggling to get in some daily walking in your life then this is a sure way to increase the amount of steps you take. For example stairs up and down to the trains etc. will provide a lot more calorie effort than sitting on your bum in traffic.
  9. People watching. Using public transport means interacting with people. Again this is a great way to be reminded that you are not alone in the world. You may even meet a future partner, how exciting.
  10. Fresh air and much needed UV rays. This is definitely a very important point. Dr Mary Ellen Copeland wrote of the benefits of just 20 minutes of daylight in producing vitamin D to counteract depression. The benefits of taking in fresh air also contribute to developing a stronger immune defence system.

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