One of those days!

So today has been one of those days! My anxiety levels were very high. For most of the day my energy levels were spent on not engaging with the fearful thoughts that come with anxiety. To say I feel exhausted is an understatement.
However inspite of having a lot to deal with today I wanted to acknowledge how I still managed to function. It was only when I chatted to my boyfriend before bed and reflected on the day that I realised my ability to move through the day despite this massive storm of mental chaos 😀

I managed to…

  • Get out of bed ignoring the doom and gloom in my thoughts already
  • Eat 3 solid meals and snacks
  • Work the best I could
  • Complete self care
  • Communicate with friends & family

Anxiety Nil. Recovery One. 

Well that’s it…my short little post for today… a simple reminder to myself that on the tough days it is by focusing on what is accomplished is where the victory lies.



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