Healthy Eating Routine

Today I decided to make a conscious effort to eat 3 solid meals and have nutritious snacks in between. Over the last few months, if not longer, I have let this daily eating plan slip. For the most part this routine has collapsed because I have not been organised enough. Often times I’ll skip a meal or I won’t eat for hours and then opt for a nutritionally empty fast food option.


The main reason I have been prompted to get back on track with regular eating is so I can improve anxiety levels. Over the last few months I have definitely noticed a gradual increase in anxious thoughts and feelings. From experience I know that when we don’t feed our bodies the food they need our blood sugar levels are interfered with. The rapid spiking and dropping of glucose available in the blood stream sends off alarm bells in the body. As the digestive and nervous system begin to falter so do we. Well, thats the science bit out of the way!


So translating that into everyday talk and how it affects my life in the here and now. As I have said making a conscious choice to eat a balanced meal  every 4 hours can for the most part be the biggest steps one could take towards reducing anxiety levels.

Below I have listed some little steps I took today that will take me a long way if practiced each day…

  1. Drank 4/5 glasses of water
  2. Ate 3 meals with a balance of carbohydrate & protein
  3. Made sure I had my 5 a day (mix of fruit & Veg)
  4. Calcium from yoghurt or milk
  5. Limited Caffeine
  6. Nice sticky bun with a cup of tea (as a reward! )




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